Kreat Lewis, AAMS®

Kreat Lewis, AAMS®

President, Wealth Advisor

Kreat currently serves as President, and Wealth Advisor of Crossroads Wealth Advisors.  He has been providing investment advice and financial planning for serious, long-term investors for nearly 20 years. He began his career as a financial advisor with Edward Jones in 2002 where he built a successful financial planning practice, served in numerous leadership roles, and became a limited partner in the firm.  Kreat has always been fiercely independent in nature and in 2022, after years of research and due diligence, he made the decision to establish and launch our fully independent wealth advisory firm.  

His primary focus is centered on holistic wealth management, big picture financial planning, implementation of investment strategy, risk management, and tax efficiency.

Kreat is passionate about helping his clients achieve balance in preparing for the future, while also living today for all its potential.  He believes that successful wealth management strategies must effectively capture the big picture before jumping into the details. He values meaningful relationships with his clients while understanding what their needs and aspirations are. He then helps his clients organize information, verify resources, establish objectives, understand strategies, implement solutions and reviews progress on an ongoing basis. He stresses a disciplined, and time tested, long-term approach to investing based upon each of his clients’ unique situations.

His approach with clients is to understand their level of investment risk and time horizons, and then balance it with the steps necessary to work toward their long-term goals. He is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist, or AAMS®, which is a designation program for financial professionals that provides strong fundamental financial knowledge with a specific focus on asset management and investments.

Outside of the office, Kreat spends his time with his wife Lauren, their three sons (Marshall, Morgan, and Miles), and their two dogs. They enjoy hunting, swimming, hiking, snowboarding, and working on household projects. They also love to travel the world and expose their children to different cultures.   Kreat's favorite way to enjoy his free time is training and competing in long-range precision marksmanship.  Kreat is an avid reader of American history, especially the topics of the Revolutionary War and the American Civil War.